Stockton Sixth Form Results Day

What an exciting day! We were honoured to decorate Stockton Sixth Form College for their A-level student results day.   Gold stars mixed with orange and magenta balloons, marked off with a large “2018” in silver numbers. Delivered and installed by the team at 7am this morning!   See you guys next week for the GSCEs.   If you have an event that needs balloons delivered on a day and time of your choosing, let us know what you need by sending us a [...]


Where do balloons go when they fly away?

Have you ever asked yourself this question – when you let a helium-filled balloon into the air where does it go? When there is a lot of wind the balloon might disappear and you might not be able to see it again. So, where do the balloons go? Is it to the moon? Space? Or is it heaven? Watching a balloon fly could be very fun to everyone, especially kids. We may not be able to tell where the balloons go [...]


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