Why Balloons Pop in the Heat

Balloons are one of the nicest things that kids love to have. However, it is very disappointing to see the balloon pop. But how come it pops right away when heated?

Latex helium balloons pop in heat and sunlight because the molecules of helium get bigger when they are heated up. When this happens, the balloon will get hotter. If the balloon keeps getting hotter, it will eventually pop. This is because the rubber component of the balloon gets weak when heated, that is why it breaks and pops right away. The molecules inside a balloon will fray and fall apart. This is the object’s common reaction when heated. Moreover, the skin of a balloon is thin and can break easily when exposed to heat.

Note that as the temperature increases, the amount of gas within the balloon also increases. When this happens, the volume of gas inside the balloon may expand to the extent that the balloon can no longer contain. This causes damage to the balloon’s skin and It will suddenly tear. Then, the balloon will burst momentarily.

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